We are a family company founded in 2009. Our farm "Las Gradas" is located 8 km northwest of city El Angel, province of Carchi, Ecuador at 3,000 meters of altitude. Currently we have production of 11 varieties of roses listed bellow:

  • Freedom (red)
  • Mohana (yellow)
  • Topaz (hot pink)
  • Vendela (white)
  • Carrousel (creme, pink bicolor)
  • Cherry O! (red)
  • Polar Star (white)
  • Limbo (yellow green)
  • Cabaret (creme-red bicolor)
  • Mondial (white)

Please visit the varieties page to check quality images of our roses which are characterized by long and thick stems (60 to 100 cms), big bottoms (5 to 8 cms), long peduncles and an amazing foliage.